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We can call to remind you or your loved one to take medication, prepare for an appointment, or perform a task.
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A FREE Automated Telephone Message Service for Seniors

A new, FREE telephone services for seniors, SeniorCALL allows seniors in Berks County to receive personalized messages or reminders at specific times of the day. SeniorCALL may be used to:

SeniorCALL provides a fast and easy way for family members to send important reminders to elderly relatives or friends. By using SeniorCALL, seniors can maintain their independence while their caregivers can know that seniors are being prompted to take their medications at a specified time and encouraged to keep physician or other healthcare appointments. Once a senior is enrolled in SeniorCALL, they will receive a call from an automated telephone service at a time that is convenient for them. Messages can be customized to the elderly individual's personal needs, and may feature the voice of a caregiver, or a system-generated voice. When the telephone rings, the senior will hear a pre-recorded message.

Why SeniorCALL?

Medical research has shown that the effectiveness of many prescription medications is improved when the drugs are taken at a regular time each day. A daily reminder from SeniorCall can help elderly individuals better maintain their health and possibly avoid complications. The service is particularly effective for elderly individuals who are diabetic, on heart medications, or are in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease or other conditions where cognitive abilities may be impaired.

Individuals may enroll in SeniorCALL on a continuing basis or use the service for just a short period time, such as a few weeks after a hospital stay or if caregivers or family members will be out of town.

For more information on SeniorCALL, or details on enrolling to this free service, contact SeniorCALL at 610-404-3200 or email us at

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